100 Days of Comic Creation – Days 5-8


I had a few days of testing out various media to see how i want to get this comic to look. Still not 100% decided, but it’s getting there. After much fiddling around with pencils and charcoal I reverted back to my usual suspects- ink and watercolor. 



I just got my copy of Black Monday Murders: Volume 2 in the mail yesterday. When I was putting it on my bookshelf I saw my copy of Empty Zone and it reminded me of the fan art I did last summer. I really liked the gouache painted foreground with the watercolor in the background. I decided to play around with that for a while today and see what happened. 


I am not posting art I am using in the comic. I am working on the project indirectly by testing media, but I am using ideas generated from the June 2018 Art Prompts

I sketched out my pencil sketch on 220 gram craft paper. I wanted to test it and see if it would spot when it got wet. It actually holds up very well. No spotting and it stays very flat. I’m using the expensive block. I have a cheap block that looks the same but the paper quality is inferior and it gets little grey spots on it when it I apply washes to it. 



I like to work from dark to light so I apply my ink first. I plan to test out some more sketches tomorrow using a pen or no ink. In this sketch I used a brush and 75% black india. Diluting it slightly takes the shine out. I brushed on a very diluted wash of ink to suggest trees in the background and to indicate shadows. This process is called grisaille. It will influence the color of the paint applied on top. 

This is my finished painting. I painted the background first using very light washes of watercolor to indicate trees and a hint of color. 

The tree in the foreground is painted with gouache. Gouache is opaque watercolor paint. It is cool because you can paint light over dark. However, it is not permanent and will lift. You have one shot to get it right, maybe two if your brush isn’t that wet. Takes some practice, but you can get some cool effects with it. 

I painted the mountain lion last. The darkest paint is undiluted gouache. The lighter parts are very diluted gouache. Some people say you can’t thin it that much or it powders off. I use Windsor Newton and Royal Talens paints and have never had that problem. 

Overall I am pretty happy with this result. I think it is definitely in the direction I am wanting to go. I like the effect of the lighter washes going into the background and the thicker gouache bringing the foreground forward. It gives it a very 3D feeling without having to try really hard. 

Ok, so that’s where I am right now. More to come in the near future. 

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