100 Days of Making Comics – Days 3&4

I think as far as challenge rules go I am supposed to update every day. If I don’t post here I will probably mention something on Twitter. Yesterday I worked on the project for about 2 hours or so and finished the script and thumbnails.   

The story(s) I am working on for this project are short. If I post every little thing it’s going to kind of give it all away.  I already feel like I am in Spoiler Hell, but here goes with some of the doodles I was working on today. I worked on it for about 2 hours off and on, doing sketches and coming up with references. 

I settled on a name for my story today- “1917”.  It is set in rural Arkansas in the year 1917. I’m from Arkansas. Write about what you know, right? Stephen King has Castle Rock, I have Ravenden. Quite a few of my spooky stories take place there. Well, it was kind of a spooky place to grow up.



I’m starting to think about the layout of the farm and the style of the barn and farmhouse. 




I’m still working on character design. I’m also playing around with different media trying to establish a feel. Had a fleeting moment today where I debated on doing it in black and white, but I decided to go with color, although it will probably be a fairly muted palette.  

For a horror fan I am actually kind of squeamish. I love (sarcasm) finding reference material for all of my gory death scenes.  In this case I was already prepared. There is a well known case in the town where I was born, about a man named George Cheverie.  He was hanged without a trial, by an angry mob after he shot the town marshal  during a dispute where he was accused of stealing a log.  The event was photographed by the locals and copies are a matter of public record. Not even the most sinister or weird thing to happen there. Told you it was a creepy place to grow up.  I have lots of material to work with. 



So that’s where I am for today. probably post an update in a few days. Don’t forget to check back on the 1st for the new list of art prompts. 

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