Month: October 2018

October Art Prompt 2018

Hurray, it's October!!!

So sorry about September. I’m most ashamed I didn’t even make an apology post. Thank you to those of you who sent messages and made comments. I’m happy to have readers who are enjoying the blog. 

So What was I do all last month? Well the biggest ordeal was my son has his tonsils out. Not a major issue but he was down and out for about a week and a half or so. It threw me off my game and I just got out of my routine. New month. Time to get back on track.

Upcoming stuff...

    I want to do some posts around the middle of the month dealing with anatomy, proportion and form. Basically if you can understand these three things you can do pretty much anything.

Note:  Not going to swear I’m getting to it this month. I have a Halloween party coming up. I have a lot of decorations to make and five costumes to make. Right now it’s taking up a ton of my time. 

The inspiration behind the anatomy and form posts is that I have been getting a lot of people asking me lately about the creepy dolls and miniatures I used to make. I really enjoy sculpture. All of it has to do with anatomy and form. So I am going to show you how to turn your sketches into 3D works of art and all that comes with that.

The Prompts

Every day is Halloween around here so now we can just feel at home. I’m going to stick to the new 4 weeks format because I think it helps cut down the boredom to have a new subject each week. If you don’t like a topic or have one you really want to run with then feel free to switch it up or run with it. The goal is to draw something every day. 

Week 1: Ghosts and Undead

Shadow people, vampires, golems and ghouls are just a few examples. Explore these common themes by researching their characteristics and habits in other cultures such as the Jiangshi and the walking corpses of Toraja.

Week 2: Man Beasts

I am really in love with the Native North American legends of the wendigo and skinwalkers. I grew up in the deep woods and the idea of encountering one of these creatures is horrifying. Missing 411?

This topic also includes werebeasts, dogmen, pigmen, owlwomen, goatmen and Bigfoot himself. Welcome to cryptozoology 101. 

Week 3: Witches and Warlocks


If you need inspiration in this area please make sure to check out Enough said.

Week 4: Little Monsters

This one might be a little broad spectrum. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a section on evil fairies and trolls or creepy children stories. As a child the idea of sinister child stealing fae is pretty unsettling. As an adult there is nothing creepier than waking up in the middle of the night to have one of your kids standing at your bed side staring at you while you sleep. Just, why? Anywho….

Trolls, duende, red caps, leprechauns and slaugh fall into the categories of trickster or evil fae. If you’re in the modd for sinister kid legends check out doppelgangers and black-eyed children. Think black-eyed children is a new concept? Hardly. Iroquois legends of the Otkon have been around for centuries.


Ok, so there you have it folks. I’m going to be blocking out a little time in my day, every day, to get my drawing habit back in full swing. It is the most important art skill anyone can possess. Like all skills they can be improved or you can get really rusty. So keep at it every day. Devote just half an hour and you’re on your way.