Art Prompt – January 2018

Happy New Year all! This prompt is not going to be a list. Instead, I thought doing something more in the spirit of new year resolutions was in order. December was a super hectic month. I did’t get as much art done as I would have liked. I did get 5 pages of thumbnails for my comic sketched out, and one page penciled. So there is that. I would like to get back into the habit of drawing every day. And that is what this resolution is about. So I have decided this month’s prompt is to do the Draw 100 Challenge. 

With this challenge you can pick any subject(s) you have weaknesses in and practice them until you get it right. Really tighten up your skills. Do it a little every day. For me this is going to involve drawing eyes until I get them right! Good luck and let’s fill up some sketchbooks. 

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