Art Prompt – May 2018

Draw 100 people in a week! Just kidding. I saw that challenge on Marc Taro Holmes’ blog. That’s a little ambitious, even for me.  Did kinda get me thinking about the Draw 100 challenge though. I thought that one was pretty cool. Just needed some variety to it. So let’s make it draw 100 pictures this month, enough so you can say you improve on each subject-say minimum 10 max 30. So you will have at least 3 subjects to draw and a max of 10. Just to keep it from getting boring. Do those annoying things that you have trouble with –

  • feet/hands
  • faces or facial features
  • architecture/perspective
  • lighting
  • trees
  • hair/ fur
  • figures/ proportion
  • crowds
  • cars
  • animals/ insects/ creatures

There thats 10 things that can be tricky. Let’s do our best to hit all 100.

On a side note, kinda debating about if I want to spam my blog with a daily draw post or post stuff someplace like Instagram.  It’s a debate. Kinda leaning towards Instagram a little. Will post a link if I decide to go that direction. 

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