100 Days of Making Comics Challenge #1

Today marks, what I am considering, my first official day of the 100 Days of Making Comics challenge. First order of business- clean up my studio. I haven’t been in here much in the last few months. Mostly I have been working at the computer downstairs. Art supplies get tracked up and down. Usually instead of being put away they get piled on the lightbox or in my chair. My kids love to ransack this room for my pens and paint brushes. There is a fine layer of dust on everything.  And most of all,  I noticed the windows are absolutely filthy. 

After an hour of organizing and dusting I finally managed to get to work on the actual comic.  I know I said a few posts back I was done with the script and the thumbnailing, but I decided I wanted to flesh out the story more. Ghastly McNasty’s comment on my Halloween comic, “Java Dreams”, was streaming through my head, “Girl walks into restaurant, girl dies. But it’s weird enough to work.” This is a Southern Gothic tale. It needs some atmosphere and a bit of back story. 

Sometimes I write my script on my computer. Especially if it’s going to be long. I usually write them out in three acts, like a movie script, and plan my plot points and action accordingly. For short stories I work a little differently. Usually I do the script and thumbnails at the same time.

This sketchbook is my travel doodles book. I carry it around with me. The paper is thin and crappy and the cover is Pepto pink.  I am not precious about the stuff that goes in this book. I scribble story ideas and super rough sketches in it. When I get an idea of where I am going I switch to (I wrote typing lol – old af!)  copy paper.  Then I start fiddling with page layout, turns and script changes.

Now I am setting up my drawing board with some of the sketches I worked on previously. I want to work on my character designs some more. Do some turn arounds. Plan the look of the farm. I have created a mood board on Pinterest and have started stashing some reference pictures. 

My kids just went to bed (hallelujah). Without interruptions every five minutes maybe I can actually get into the zone and work some more on the thumbnails before I go to bed. I just wanted to get this blog post done so I don’t break the challenge rules on day 1. So far today my total time invested working just on the comic is about an hour.

100 Days of Making Comics

 I was perusing YouTube today and came across this awesome video by illustrator/ comic artist, Kevin Cross. He is the creator of 100 Days of Making Comics challengeA comics creation challenge you say? Where do I sign up? Facebook, actually – but there are rules. 

 – Challenge Requirements –

1. Comic Project that you haven’t been making enough time for.

2. At least 30-minutes of work towards the comic each day.

3. Everyday for 100 Consecutive Days. (100 days in a row).

4. Make a daily video/blog to hold yourself accountable.

5. Post it in the group.

You can see the full write up for the challenge on their Facebook page in the “About This Group” section.

I have several projects hanging around here collecting dust. My biggest problem is that I put way too much pressure on myself to deliver the exact perfect artwork, perfect page layout and perfect story. The inner critic takes over and pretty soon I am paralyzed with questions and doubt:

Is my story too much like someone else’s?

Does this artwork suck?

Is this the right style for the project?

Are my page layouts boring?

Are my character poses and scenes boring/ predictable?  

Ok, enough of this shit. Get a grip, already! It probably does suck and it’s not going to get better without practice. That’s what this site is all about- accountability, daily practice, reaching goals. My ultimate goal: create comics.  So what’s the problem? No excuses. I’m doing this!

This is a character sketch for the comic I want to start working on. I mentioned it in my last blog post, but then inner critic. I have the story complete, sans script changes. I have made a few revisions already and fleshed the story out a little more. I still haven’t come up with a title. It is a short horror story, taking place on a farm in rural Arkansas 1917. 

As a last thought, I still have the monthly prompt coming up on June 1st. The post is already written. For those of you not interested in doing comic art, fear not! I will keep up with the art prompt lists as I work on the 100 Days of Making Comics challenge. 

May Mid-Month Blah blah blah

First of all I want to welcome all the new subscribers. We have had a lot lately. Very cool! I had a whole plan for the 666 thing. Skulls I guess, I’m not a satanist or anything. But suddenly there was this surge of sign-ups over the last couple of weeks. Last night I did the 748 but didn’t finish this post…..

As of this morning 757! So, hello and welcome to you all. 

Now for the real blah blah....

It has occurred to me that I may have a short attention span. I post the monthly art prompts and never finish all 30. Then a few weeks ago some of my Facebook friends started doing the 10 Days 10 favorite Albums (that you still listen to) Challenge. I thought it was pretty cool and decided to draw mine. I did all 10 days. I was pretty cool with the first week and glad it was over by day 10 because I had other stuff I wanted to work on. Got me to thinking maybe 30 days is too much? Maybe I should post a weekly challenge? Then omfg-  “I have to think of something every effing week!?” Yeah ..umm…What’s that old saying? “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

So maybe I need to mix and match 4 ideas and rotate them or something? The debate begins. However, 7 day challenges seem a lot more interesting and doable. I brainstormed the entire year’s worth of prompts before I even started the blog because I know I am a flake. Well the end of year is coming up. Time to put on my thinking cap.  

Nonetheless, here are the 10 drawings I did for the challenge: 

And the blah blah continues…..

I have been thinking about comics again in a big way. Also been thinking that drawing an entire graphic novel right now is just way too over my head. I keep battling with character designs and style. Then my inner critic shows up and then I am on my ass. Ok, deep breath. Baby steps.

I need to do short comics, like “Java Dreams“.  Cut my teeth a little first. But, where to get a story from? My story ideas are few and far between. Then suddenly it seems the flood gates are open. I have been having to keep a pen and notebook next to the bed to jot down ideas so I don’t forget them. I have 3-4 good ones right now. Most in the vein of Southern Gothic. Not sure how short they are. One is about 7 pages. I know because I already have the roughs penciled out and have been working on the character designs. *wink*  So all in all, May has been a really productive month so far. I will leave you with a spoiler for the first comic- a couple of my rough character sketches. Enjoy and make sure to watch for the upcoming June 1st art prompt.  

Daily Draw – I lost count

If I don’t post daily am I supposed to keep count? How much posting is too much? So many rules to consider when blogging because people get pissed with you if you post too much…or too little. Really makes one a bit barmy trying to decide which faction to please. So please myself is the best choice. So here is the post lowdown: I will post my best work in my gallery. I will do probably best of and worst of in my blog posts based on topic. daily(ish) posts I am going to post on Instagram and Twitter. You can follow me there if you like. So one last Daily Draw post here. I will still post art topics once or twice a month and monthly prompts at the first of the month. 

Art Prompt – May 2018

Draw 100 people in a week! Just kidding. I saw that challenge on Marc Taro Holmes’ blog. That’s a little ambitious, even for me.  Did kinda get me thinking about the Draw 100 challenge though. I thought that one was pretty cool. Just needed some variety to it. So let’s make it draw 100 pictures this month, enough so you can say you improve on each subject-say minimum 10 max 30. So you will have at least 3 subjects to draw and a max of 10. Just to keep it from getting boring. Do those annoying things that you have trouble with –

  • feet/hands
  • faces or facial features
  • architecture/perspective
  • lighting
  • trees
  • hair/ fur
  • figures/ proportion
  • crowds
  • cars
  • animals/ insects/ creatures

There thats 10 things that can be tricky. Let’s do our best to hit all 100.

On a side note, kinda debating about if I want to spam my blog with a daily draw post or post stuff someplace like Instagram.  It’s a debate. Kinda leaning towards Instagram a little. Will post a link if I decide to go that direction. 

Spring Break

I have a little work done but not posted. Things are a wee bit hectic around here right now. My kids are all home from school for spring break, plus extra company at the house this weekend. Will get caught up in a day or two.

Daily Draw #7

I forgot to post! Sorry all. I got up early yesterday and knocked my sketches out first thing. Then I got busy and completely forgot to post my sketches before bed. I did two, as promised. I learned that I need to spend more time figure drawing. And more time inking figures and deciding how to describe them. Lots of research and homework to do. I will post another sketch tonight that I did today. 

Daily Draw #7

Here is my finished skelly from yesterday. Wish I could say I got more accomplished today. Up too late last night. Up early this morning. Had just about enough energy to make it to the gym today. (My other passion is weight lifting!) I’ve been mentally comatose most of the day. I will make it up tomorrow with an extra sketch.