December Art Prompts 2017

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Bah humbug! The Victorians had it right with their tradition of ghostly winter tales, such as Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol”. In reality, throughout history around the world, the dark days of winter have inspired some rather intriguing ghost stories, winter spirits and Christmas deities. Some are downright spooky. Others, at the very least, are the cantankerous cigarette smoking cousin of the modern North American Santa inspired by Coca-Cola. 

I have researched a short “Twelve Days of Christmas” list for you all to be inspired by in your sketchbook endeavors this month. I figured we could all do with a more relaxed pace since the holidays can be rather hectic. If you are unfamiliar with these creatures, please do a little Google search and familiarize yourselves with their backstories and descriptions. I hope you enjoy this list. Happy Holidays!

  1. Krampus
  2. Jolakotturinn “The Christmas Cat”
  3. Frau Perchta
  4. Pere Perchta
  5. Zwarte Piet (Black Pete)
  6. Mari Lwyd “The Christmas Zombie Horse”
  7. La Befana/ Baboushka
  8. Tomten
  9.  Belsnickel
  10. Gryla
  11. Knecht Ruprecht
  12. Hans Trapp

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