July 2018 Art Prompt

Here we are in July, the 4th right around the corner. I know I haven’t lived in the states for a long time, but old habits die hard. Sadly the 4th brings to mind more disturbing imagery than it did in past years- useful if you are into creepy stuff. I quite like tales of espionage and political wickedness. These days there is no end to the possibilities as it seems like reality is more akin to an episode of House of Cards.  Even the cast of characters is a little too perfect in their sinister and extremely unique styles. All of that weird hair! 

I thought it might be fun to create some characters and environments based on real life political characters and countries. My personal favorite is Russia and that whole cold war thing, brutal architecture, and is it me or does it always seem like that place is lit in twilight?  



Week 1: I don’t think I could ever get tired of imagery from Pripyat. I love urban decay. Civilization lost. Peeling paint. Ghosts of the past.  Draw 7 environments – interior or exterior of Pripyat. If that doesn’t strike you I am sure there are plenty of props to draw- gas masks, dolls, and a skeletal dog. 



Week 2: I have to admit I never really researched Korea before. It really is a beautiful place. Pick 7 of your favorite images from Korea and draw them. 



Week 3: America is so vast. Every location has it’s own vibe. Every community is unique. I was hard pressed to pick an image that just says “America”. This is pretty close to the current vibe I get.

Pick 7 of your favorite images from America- people, places, things.  If you are not sure where to start check out Brooklyn, the Salton Sea or Route 66. Looking for something a little wilder? Check out the National Parks. Discover the conspiracy theories about all the people who go missing in them every year. Where do you think they go? Bigfoot, aliens and serial killers are popular theories. 



Week 4: Surprise yourself. There are so many things out there to be inspired by. Sinister looking politicians, foreign lands, strange customs. Time is not a factor. Pick 7 things to draw from any era and place on the subject of politics. Don’t forget the influence of the church over the monarchy. Be creative. 

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