November Art Prompt 2018

Alright guys, late again I know. My life seems to be in a permanent state of chaos for the last few months. My Halloween Party took a mountain of prep, (worth it!) and a ton of clean up. That being said a good time was had by all, and I have two papier mache corpses and a pile of skulls to decorate my studio with. 

I have some ideas for the blog, as I stated before. More coming soon once I figure out a little execution. Also promise to work on some site updates soon (TM). I really need to work on my time management skills or sell my children to gypsies. 

Ok without further ado, here is the prompt for this month. I know people always think November and the traditional Colonial American themes spring to mind but I’m kinda thinking Old West. Throw in Some Victorian or Steampunk even. Spice it up, make it yours.  As per the usual, do a sketch a day (sorry for being late!) Try to spend at least 30 minutes drawing every day. Good luck, and most of all have fun!

Figures and Costumes


Week 1: Figures and costumes.

I like to draw faces to warm up a lot so I thought starting with figures is kinda logical. Learn to draw men, women and children. 

Clothing is an important part of character design. Do some research on various styles of clothing in the period. Costumes varied greatly between people who lived in the city and those who were on the frontier. Also Native American tribes had very individual styles. 




Week 2: Props 

Props play a very important part of environment design. Modes of transport, furniture and weapons. A good place to find out what kinds of things might be in an old west interior can be found in Bodie, California. Beware, if you make the trip to see it in person this town and all of its possessions are cursed. Don’t be tempted to take home a souvenir. 

All Creatures


Week 3: All Creatures

And this includes cryptids and legends. Bigfoot, wendigo, skinwalkers, jackalopes to name a few. 

Other more mundane classic wild west critters include coyote, buffalo (North American Bison), wolves, panthers, mountain lions, bobcats, horses, roadrunner, possum, last but not least our friend the polecat (skunk). 

Architecture and Landscapes

Week 4: Architecture and Landscapes

America has all sorts of terrain and a wide variety of architecture. For a frontier feel check out Bodie, California, this list of Colorado ghost towns, or if you would like to check out a frontier fort the one in Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma is still standing today.

If you are looking for something less rustic, America has quite an array of architectural styles. Here is a list with photos available from the Boston College website. 

America has vast terrain to choose from. I couldn’t possibly list all of the places of interest. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Here is a list of American National Parks. Before you venture off in the wilds on your own make sure to check out Rusty West or David Paulides (Missing 411) on YouTube.


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